At Limelight Dance Academy (LDA) we offer a full range of classes in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop and Tap. We pride ourselves on having some of the most experienced and well-trained teaching staff in the Waikato. Our classes are held in a positive, fun, and supportive environment with a focus on safe dance practices and professionalism.  All classes are held at one location in our air-conditioned dance studios on the corner of Hukanui and Rototuna Roads.

Age Limits for Classes

Term 1 Term 3

Mini-Movement 3 years - prior to the 1st January

Beginner Ballet 5 years - or 5th Birthday prior to the 1st July 5th Birthday prior to the 1st January

Beginner Jazz 7 years - or 7th Birthday prior to the 1st July 7th Birthday prior to the 1st January

Intro Contemporary 9 years - or 9th Birthday prior to the 1st July 9th Birthday prior to the 1st January

Hip Hop 9 years 9th - or Birthday prior to the 1st July 9th Birthday prior to the 1st January

Tap 9 years - or 9th Birthday prior to the 1st July 9th Birthday prior to the 1st January


The following is a brief overview of what is involved in each style of dance.

Ballet is in the traditional style of dance we all know and love. LDA offers high quality ballet classes for all ages from pre-school through to adults. Ballet teaches great posture, discipline, and the technique that is required for many other forms of dance. Ballet is a wonderful starting point for children, as it develops a good skill base. LDA offers classes for career orientated students as well as those who wish to study dance for pure enjoyment. At LDA we are lucky to have four RAD qualified teachers to pass on their expertise to our students.

Pre-school Classes – Mini-Movement. We aim to develop co-ordination, musicality, imagination, and confidence. Our classes are educational, structured, and full of fun.

Junior School- Students then progress onto Beginner Ballet (5yrs+) a more informative, though still fun filled class with a focus on learning the basics required in a creative yet structured way. From here students start progressing through the RAD Grades sitting annual examinations. The RAD has a new and exciting Pre-Primary - Primary syllabus that inspires fun and creativity. After this, students move into Grades 1-5 where students learn not only classical ballet, but also Character, and Free Movement. In learning these different styles of ballet the students become well-rounded, versatile dancers.

Senior School – LDA offers the RAD Higher Grades (Grades 6,7,8), These Grades have a particular emphasis on dance quality and musicality. We recommend these Grades for Vocational students to help with the quality of their work. It is also good for those who would like to keep doing ballet but without pointe work or the need to attend too many classes per week.

RAD Vocational levels Intermediate Foundation – Advanced 2. Throughout these levels female students progress onto pointe, and all students learn a greater repertoire of steps, variations, and dances. To help students progress through these levels we also offer an Open Stretch Pointe class, to aid in developing the flexibility, strength, and knowledge required.

Adult Classes – Always wanted to be a ballerina? Danced before but for some reason or another didn’t follow through? Our adult classes are for you. These are great for building fitness, strength, poise, posture and flexibility. You can enroll for the term, or come along as a casual student.

Contemporary is a style of dance that emerged in the 20th century. The pioneers of contemporary dance wanted to free themselves of the constraints within ballet at that time, so developed this more natural way of movement.
It is a very versatile style as it can be danced to almost any genre of music, and pulls inspiration from many different cultures and styles of dance to then create a new style of its own. Contemporary seeks to work in with the natural alignment of the body, and uses the principles of breath, momentum, weight, and suspension to get dancers to explore new ways of moving. Contemporary complements ballet and students are encouraged to explore this style.

At LDA we offer the NZAMD Contemporary syllabus created by world famous New Zealand Contemporary dancer/choreographer /teacher Ann Dewey. This syllabus is about enjoying music and freedom of movement and helping the dancer feel space and breadth of movement. While teaching them to understand the concepts of contemporary movement such as weight, flow, momentum, and the use of gravity, the students continue to enjoy a sense of dance as they progress up through the levels.
Introductory level is aimed at students of about 9 to 10 years of age, It then progresses through 8 levels.

A great fun way to learn new moves, and dances. Jazz is hard to categorize as it is influenced by many different genres of dance - musical theatre, Latin, funk, ballet and everything in between.

At LDA we follow the NZAMD Syllabus. We start our classes at the age of 7 with a year of Beginner Jazz, which is a nice introductory year, with no pressure of exams, and the focus on learning lots of steps and fun routines. From there we then follow the NZAMD American Jazz Syllabus that progresses through the Grades up into Major levels by sitting annual examinations. Students learn a wide range of steps and combinations and get to learn many different styles of jazz as mentioned above.

We also offer a fun adult class, great for building fitness, strength, poise, posture and flexibility. You can enroll for the term, or come along as a casual student.

Hip Hop is an ever evolving style from the 1970s with locking, popping , to crumping to more of what is seen today in Hip hop and pop music videos.
Learn the latest Hip-Hop Funk styles in a fun open class. Learn new moves, and great routines. We offer two levels of classes Jnr 9-12 years and  Snr 13+ years.
At LDA we take elements from the different influences of Hip Hop and combine them into a studio friendly format.

Tap is a form of dance characterized by a tapping sound that is created from metal plates attached to both the ball and heel of the dancer's shoe when struck against the floor, or other suitable surface. Tap pulls its influence from many different cultures and eras from African stomp, Irish dancing, English clogging, and Spanish Flamenco. Common styles of tap performed today are a Broadway style of tap personified by stars such as Fred Astaire, Ginger Rodgers and Gene Kelly, to a stomp modern style made popular by films such as Bootmen and shows like ‘Tap Dogs’.

At LDA you will learn basic tap steps, progressing into tap sequences, and routines in a fun open class. The class is mix of both traditional steps, and new funky tap style. We offer two levels of classes Jnr 9-12 years and  Snr 13+ years. These classes are great for the recreational dancer as at this stage there is no exam for the tap class.